Do not drill through the lock case.

Do not paint latch and deadbolt.

Do not use force when installing the spindle

Operate handle in the correct direction only. A maximum load of 150 N must not be exceeded by pushing down the handle. Only use the appropriate key (do not use any foreign body).

Do not operate handle and key simultaneously.

To avoid any damage, deadbolt must not protrude when door is open.

The clearance between face plate and strike plate must be 2-5 mm.

Keys must not be left inserted in anti-panic locks.

French doors must not be forced open by unlocking the passive door while the active door remains locked.

Do not use the handle furniture to carry the door.

The lock must be replaced as soon as it shows any damage.

Do not use cylinders comprising a free moving cam with anti-panic mortise locks. These types of cylinders include ones that possess a cam that can turn without an inserted key and thumb turn cylinders.