Turn the inserted key until the lock cam is aligned with the cylinder stator.

Insert the cylinder into the intended compartment of the lock or door.

The cylinder projection must be maximum 3mm from the protective plate.

The cylinder is the correct position in the lock if the holes in the lock and cylinder are superimposed and the latch and/ or deadbolt can be drawn back using the key.

Straighten vertically the key as soon as lock cylinder is in the right position in the lock case.

Secure the cylinder with the fixing screw and tighten moderately, without prevent the lock from working.

Don’t use force (e.g. hammer) when inserting the key.

Cylinders are only to be opened with the matching key. No other objects must be used.

The key head is not a handle replacing the fitting.

Keys have to be inserted completely before the torque may be applied.

In case of normal cylinders keys must not be put in from both sides at the same time.

Bent keys must not be reused.

Avoid sideway force when pitting in or pulling out the key

Lock cylinders may only be locked using original and authorised keys.